Tried everything still a failure

i was in europe and bought some dvds, i have a sony dvp-s360 dvd player. when i tried playing the dvds it says it cant cause of area limitations.i tried some unlock code for it but it doesnt work. i read tutorials and tried backing up the dvd as region free and then burning it but than it still doesnt work. so does anyone know what i can do to get the dvds to play on my dvd player.
thx in advance

As with a lot of other high quality DVD players out there, they are a pig to make region free.
I’m afraid that the only way to get yours is to get a mod chip (yep, you read that correctly…a mod chip!!!)
If you don’t beleive me then here’s the manual to the thing

If you look the instructions on how to opperate it (english is on page 2 BTW), you will see it’s the same as what a lot of DVD hack sights have posted.
Sorry :frowning: