Tried *everything* -- all backups skip! [Sony DW-Q58A]


I’ve got a Dell E1505 laptop with a Sony DW-Q58A burner, rated at 8x for DVD-R recording.

I’ve been backing up several of my DVD’s and I’m having incessant problems with skipping. The original DVD’s are clean/unscratched… the read goes through perfectly, and the burn completes successfully without any problems. I’m using IMGBurn to burn, Verbatim 16x DVD-R’s (made in Taiwan, MCC 03RG20), and I burn at 4x in the hopes of avoiding skips and errors. I also leave my computer during burns so as not to affect the buffer. Before the Verbatims, I also tried TDK’s which I thought might be to blame, but the problem remained with the Verbatims.

I feel like I’ve tried everything and I’m not sure what’s causing the problem. I simply can’t get a good, skip-free DVD. I tested some of the backups in Nero CD-DVD speed and got quality scores of 60-70, if that matters at all. Also, my firmware is UDS2, which is supposed to be the latest OEM driver from Dell. I know there’s another firmware (UYS3) at codeguys, but its release date is older than my current one. Plus I may end up sending the drive back to Dell since it seems to me like it’s either defective, or just not a very good drive.

What do you guys think? Thanks in advance.

if the laptop is on a solid stable surface like a table, has wall power, and isn’t touched during the burn and you still have the same results i would think it’s the drive…

if your drive is capable of HyperTuning and it is enabled, disable it. it was a problem and caused bad burns for me -

DMA is enabled?

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Have you actually tried burning at 8x rather than 4x?

Thanks for the feedback.

if the laptop is on a solid stable surface like a table, has wall power, and isn’t touched during the burn and you still have the same results i would think it’s the drive…

Hypertuning is disabled, I don’t think the drive supports it. Checkmark on everything else. However, I had been doing my burns on a couch–the laptop is stable, it doesn’t move or anything, but it might not be completely flat. I tried a couple of burns on a solid surface though, and I got quality scores between 35 and 45. No difference, unfortunately.

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Have you actually tried burning at 8x rather than 4x?

Thanks! I’ve tried 8x burning but it didn’t help, and the quality scores come out worse.

The odd thing is… when to set to 8x burning, my burner doesn’t start burning at 8x until the process is ~85% completed. It starts slowly at 2x, eventually drops and rises to 4x, then to 6x, then to 8x way at the end. Is that normal?

I wonder if the drive is just defective, it’s impossible to generate a good burn.

side note What’s the easiest way to check for skips? To play the movie at 8x on a player, maybe? It’s hard to tell from using CD-DVD speed or looking at the quality score.

There’s a thread in this (Lite-On/Sony) forum where a few of us that have that drive posted some scans. I don’t recall anyone having that particular problem with their drive though.

I use mine on rare occasions. I just take it when i travel and that’s not very often.

What’s the Burst rate? Almost sounds like UDMA is off.

DMA is enabled… the burst rate is 23 MB/s. Here’s a benchmark from CD-DVD Speed:

I haven’t tried to burn 16X discs with mine. Can you try an 8X disc and see? Preferably Taiyo Yuden 8X or Verbatim 8X blanks.

Could that be it? I will try to check that out… it’s just difficult to obtain 8x discs these days and supposedly the 16x ones should work.

Here is a Disc Quality test if it might help. With every disc I test, there is always a huge spike at the beginning for some reason.

With the small amount of firmwares there are for this drive i’m guessing the write strategies for 16X discs are not all that great. When i burn with mine i use TY 8X discs and so far have had no problems.

What’s your location? If in the USA, has a good selection of 8X TY’s.

Possibly the firmware doesn’t support the 16x media properly, being as it’s an 8x burner?

I’ll try and grab a copy of the UDS2 firmware and check it out. Edit: whoops, it’s a Dell FW. Scratch that.

Edit: hehe, rolling’s thinking along the same lines, I see. :wink:

Sony scan sucks! have you tried to scan with a liteon, benQ or Plextor?

Yeppers. I don’t have any MCC 03RG20’s here to try.

It is a Lite-On with Sony f/w :wink:

Interesting stuff, guys.

Regarding the support for these 16x discs, though, I think they may in fact be supported. According to a “media support list” for the UYS2 f/w (which is older than mine), from codeguys, it says that the Verbatim 16x’s are supported:

MCC 03RG20 -52 [ 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x ]

I could try upgrading the firmware to UYS3 but I just don’t think it’ll solve the problem since the media seem to be supported already.

I really would try some 8x media to see how you go.

Either you’ll be pleasantly surprised, or you’ll know it’s not a media problem. :slight_smile:

Before you or if you flash your drive make sure you dump your firmware and save the Eeprom data.

There are Sticky’s at the top of this forum to guide you.