Tried burning dvd and get this error:

hope I didnt make the attachments to small , but basically I had trouble making copies of 2 dvd’s I just purchased kept getting read errors. could this be updated copy protection?

DVD Decrypter is no longer updated, but you can use RipIt4Me (freeware) in conjunction with Decrypter.

Try that and see how you go, or alternatively, you can download 21-day fully functional trials of AnyDVD (which runs in the background whilst you rip) and CloneDVD2 from


Thanks I used anydvd and it worked fine, tried ripit4me it worked until I closed the program now windows doesn’t open program just keeps wanting to send error reports. did I do something wrong?

Glad something worked…I doubt you did anything wrong, but I have no clue why RipIt4Me would cause an error like that.