Tried 3 different brands of disks - no luck

I have burnt movies on the following disks which play fine on my PC but crappy on our Toshiba standalone player: Verbatim, Imation and some brand called Tevion. What’s weird is that sometimes they will play okay on any of the 3 mentioned but that’s really randomly and very rare.

Mostly all of the time, both the picture and audio are choppy. I have 3 copies each of movies I burnt on each different brand.

My question is this: Might it be my firmware needs updating or do we need a new DVD player? I have wasted more disks then I care to mention.

BTW, I am using ConvertX to DVD and Ashampoo Burning studio.

I don’t use the burning software you do but i will tell you Toshiba standalone players like DVD -R discs, You can use DVD+R in the toshiba if you booktype them to DVD-ROM. Im not gonna comment on the burning programs your using but i will tell you that i use DVDFab Plat, 1Click DVD Pro, AnyDVD, and ImgBurn. You did’nt even say what computer burner your using. Not much more i can say. You gave limited info

As Gash stated we need some specifics…the devil’s in the details, eg., MID (media code of blanks…generally the brand doesn’t tell us much), burn speed, burner, firmware, etc…

The fact that the discs play in your burner and not in the standalone is not uncommon at all. Some players…as gash pointed out…are picky and some are very picky.

The two most frequent causes of the problems you describe are crappy and/or poorly compatible media and inappropriate burn speeds…usually too fast, but not always. As my good friend signals says,
“Speed Kills”… :bigsmile:

Since you’re having burn issues, updating your firmware is a good idea, but we dont have much to go on.

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Sorry about what little info I gave you. First of all how do I find the media codes for my blanks? Can’t see anything on the boxes themselves. I did speak with Toshiba and was told that I need to use DVD-R media, which I am.

I am using a Dell Dimension with a TSST-TS-H352C burner. I am always burning at a 4X speed. Holy Cow!! You know what? I noticed that all my different brands have different burn speeds on them. Imation is 4X, Tevion is 8X max. speed, Verbatim is showing 16X. Maybe that’s where the problem lies.

Needless to say, I think we may purchase another standalone DVD player and see if that helps.

Thanks for your responses…let me know if those speeds are making a difference.


Wiskerluv, think TS-H352C is your DVD-ROM. Can you look further for the “burner”.


Sorry…forgive me, I am a 66yr. old woman…just learning some of this stuff. Anyway guess my burner is HL-DT-ST DVD±RW GSA-H2IN. Supposedly the manufacturer just says Standard CD-ROM drive.Let me know if you need any other info.

I would recommend you get a standalone I’ve had similar problems and I finally got fed up and just bought a standalone.