Tricky Question - Right Forum?

Hi All

Im having a bit of trouble ripping my DVD’s

Can a dvd-rom be set up on a RAID connection? I’ve just installed a DVD-R/RW and i dont want to run the dvd rom from the back of my ATA-133 HDD as it seems to be messing up transfers.


If you are talking about the RAID controllers on a motherboard, the answer is yes as long as the motherboard has the option to disable the RAID and just use the controllers as standard IDE. I know Asus boards can all do that (I have an A7V266-E and an A7V333 and both have CD devices attached to the “RAID” controller.) I also have a cheapy ECS Socket A board with RAID that I was able to use as a standard U100 IDE controller.

I have a ABIT AT7-MAX2 mobo, so any ideas???
It has 2 normal IDE, 2 SeriaATA and 2 RAID.


Well not to worry cos I’ve sorted it.

Ended up putting both my drives on the RAID and running the DVD-R/RW as primary master, CD-RW as the primary slave and the DVD-ROM as the Secondary master.

Now time to format, then i’m gonna put a Dual-Boot of 98SE and XP Pro, wish me luck :slight_smile: