Tribes : Vengeance?

Hi all , Heres my problem I recently puchased Tribes : Vengeance “SecuROM” and Warhammer : Dawn of war “SecuROM” I made a working backup of Warhammer : DoW done with alcohol clonecd and a .bwa from but i cant seem to get a good backup of T:V i have tried blindwrite and alcohol +RMPS and ive tried making my own .bwa if you have had success with this game please help

i use a samsung sw-252b 8mb buffer to do my backups maybe my burner just cant do it :frowning:

Welcome uTz :),

as your Warhammer backup is working I think your samsung didn’t create a quality BWA file. I would suggest dumping an MDS file using Alcohol at 1x. When MDS file dumping is finished abort reading but don’t delete the MDS and MDF file. Open BWABuilder2002 and convert the MDS file to a BWA file. Normaly you’ll get a better result using this method. If it’s still looking bad you can modify it by yourself, I think there is a guide in the cdfreaks offline help doing this. Good luck :).

I tried the mds to bwa technique i did the DPM at 1x no apps running in the background with the latest version of alcohol but when i try to convert the mds into bwa with bwabuilder 2002 it says not a valid mds file and when i open the file with Bwaedit it is just a straight vertical line.i think my writer cant produce a good enough .bwa/.mds i have also built around several .bwas with the old bwabuilder to no success if anyone has a good .bwa/.mds for Tribes : Vengeance please pm me thanks

You got the CD or DVD version?

cd version 4 discs

Right what CD/DVD unit are you using to make the BWA? I dont think that the MDS to BWA is very good.

HI ,
many many many bwas and testing with cdrws :frowning: later my drive finally decides to make a good bwa!!! although the cdrw backup worked and the cdr backup didnt work giving the message, About to give up on a cdr backup i gave it one more try and voila i made a good cdr backup. then to my amazement the first cdr backup i made worked also :slight_smile: i was using my samsung sw-252b to do all the reading/writing .Thanks for all the tips CHEERS

Good news uTz :slight_smile: