Tribes 2

I went out and bought this game today, and before i start using the CD i want to make a back up of it. I was wondering what protection it has and how can i make a perfect 1on1 copy of it. I need this quite urgently as i usually end up scratching my cd’s one way or another and so i want to back up this game before i play it.

use ClonyXXL to find the protection and use CloneCD to burn

It says it doesn’t have a protection.

then you can copy the game with the program of your choice


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no problem

Tribes 2 does have protection - Securom NEW…at least the version here in Oz does.

If you used Clony XL to check for protection and didnt install the game first, it wouldn’t have found the protection.

Thats why I like YAPS protection scanner, it finds SecuromNEW without having to install game first.

SecuromNEW requires subchannels to be checked on the read…