Tribes 2 Is Out!

Big week for games this week, tribes 2 and black&white.
I shouldnt think anyone will get a warez version up till tomorow, but if they do or know of somewhere could you post here please or let us know on ICQ.
Im in the UK, got B&W and T2 on preorder, yer and like theyll get here for at least another month >:).
Lionheads a UK company and the US get it first, so how does that work then ?! >:)grrrrrr

anyway cheers

i now places where to get it right now, however it’s on private pubs, so i can’t tell you

curses >: )

ive downloaded the flt release of black and white and the fix for it… but itll be a while til i burn it… just 2 lazy :smiley: :smiley:

Got the CLS version thats seems to work pretty well, although im sure the security fix doesnt work as there’s still loads of acticity on my hub.

Peter Molyneux wins the battle anyway, too good a game not to buy :slight_smile: .

BW aint that good and you can play Tribes 2 for free (bug).