Tribalfusion advertising

In an effort reach CDFREAKS mainpage, I added “” to my HOSTS list, added "“” to zonealarms block list, added “” to my blocked Netscape 7.1 file list, turned off/on cookies and referrer headers, cleaned out spyware, etc… and CDFREAKS mainpage still hangs up/stops when waiting for “” and i cant see the mainpage. (This is being typed on a friends computer).

I never had this problem until a few weeks ago. Did tribalfusion/CDFREAKS change their game plan?

CD Freaks is not free you watch advertisements and in place we allow you to browse our servers. If you don’t want to see our advertisements then don’t expect us to give support on helping you. We have no other reports of users that have problems with a hanging page and certainly no reports that blocking Tribal Fusion will help, so you can deblock the Tribal Fusion server and try something different.

Thanks, but where did i say i did’nt want to see your ads? I’m trying to figure out how to reach your mainpage. Also, you have various reports in 2003 (none lately i guess) concerning tribalfusion and a hanging page including seanbyrne(News Editor & Moderator) describing how to block tribalfusion with the HOSTS file.

I agree, blocking or deblocking doesnt seem to help me see the mainpage so i need to try something else or figure out why.

Sounds like maybe a software problem, maybe thread should be moved to softwre forum.

Have you tried using… IE or others to open the mainpage?