Trial version works great but



…when it expired and I bought the software 2 weeks ago my system started having a weird problem. I am now on v4572 and something is still causing my system to recognize a blank DVD-r as a CD. I have tried different types of DVD-r’s, uninstalling and re installing all DVD related programs (including anydvd) and am totally stumped. Never had the problem during the trial. Is there a driver I have to disable in order to use Anydvd? Running out of clues. Help!


AnyDVD does not write to a DVD. Its purpose is to allow the user to transfer copy protected data from the source disc to your hard drive or burner. Which program is telling you that the DVD is a CD? You can shut down AnyDVD once the data from the source DVD is ripped/transcoded to your hard drive.

Check the burn program and make sure it is selected to use the DVD writer. Also set the burn program to use a DVD-5 disc.

Finally, try CloneDVD and AnyDVD.


I see that copying DVD can take 2 or 3 steps. First one is to rip the DVD using a program like DVDDecrypter. Question 1: At the same time that DVDDecrypter is run, am I also to be running ANYDVD? Do I start ANYDVD first then start DVDDecrypter?

Question 2: I use DVD2One to shrink. Do I need to run ANYDVD at the same time and have it running in the background before I start the DVD2One?

Question 3: I use COPY2DVD to burn the DVD movie from my hard drive to a DVD+R.

Is this the right way to do it?


Nope, don’t need to run DVD Decrypter and AnyDVD at the same time. If you use DVD Decrypter, then you must use another program like CloneDVD to remove the unwanted stuffs and compress the data to fit in one DVD-5 disc. CloneDVD can also split the movie to two DVD-5 discs, to maintain the original picture resolution. The final step is to burn the data from the hard drive to the DVD with CloneDVD.

If you use AnyDVD, then you don’t have to copy the whole movie to the hard drive, and then reshrink it. Just edit the movie using CloneDVD, then burn the data to the hard drive.

Don’t have hands-on experience with Copy2DVD.