Trial version of DVD2One disabled?

After selecting a video_TS folder ripped with MTR to an external hard drive, the trial version of DVD2One gives me the message “the selected folder/volumes/La Cie disk/, does not contain a valid video file set” Do I need to buy this software before i can see whether it works or not?
powerbook G4, 512K, 28GB available on internal HD.

I need help before I go insane!!!
I am trying to burn dvd’s
Sometimes i burn from downloaded movie and sometimes from Burned movies that people have given me.
I either use dvd shrink and then nero or convert etc etc
The dvd will play in my boys dvd player but not ours (JVC)
I have tried doing the region finalizing the disc, everything…
Even if I copy the Burned dvd that people have given me (that plays in both DVD players) it wont play in ours

You will be better served with Shrink, 1Click, and you might like to check out Magic Ripper and Copier (sweet programs) that work without the aid of a third party decrypter.

You are selecting the folder with the video files in tree mode. Double click the folder and all should work or change to individual folder select mode.