Trial Version Of Clone Dvd2

I have downloaded this software and tried to burn my first movie twice now with no results.
I am certain it is something I’m not doing,but what?
I want to copy the entire movie at 100% quality and split it onto two disc’s.
However when I use the split bar below the preview window and set it to 56 min approx. and continue to the copy mode to temp file.
Everything is fine.
Until I put a blank disc in when directed and proceed.
It is only a moment in the burn mode when I get the error message that:“writing to video media was not successful. Source data to large”
“The writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested.”

I am using a pioneer A05 to burn and have been using two of these for years now successfully with other software.
What could I have done wrong?
I did read where you should right click and pick invert to split.
That didn’t seem to matter.
Have I done things out of order perhaps?
HELLLLLP! :confused:

Never mind I figured it out!
Thanks anyway! Looks as though I will be buying it!
Works very well!