Trial software

Is there a reason the company logo also burnt on my dvd when I used the trial software?

the logo is considered a watermark and is left behind by a few programs during trial periods. Guess they use it for advertisement.

Once you buy the program and register it the watermark will not be left behind on future DVDs

Some even leave a logo after you buy it in certain areas.

The logo or watermark was probably added during the rip & not the burn.
Test the video if you have it on your harddrive still with a media player.
If it has a watermark then no burning software will burn it without the watermark.
If by some slim chance it doesn’t have the watermark then burn it with ImgBurn.

See what happens when you split a DVD with DVDFab (the paid version).
Note I haven’t done that for quite awhile & that could have changed.

On the pro side DVDFab will rip to DVD9 size after the trial(free version) without a watermark.
You still will need a software to compress it if you want a DVD5 size.
Of course as above if you purchase most software there aren’t the watermarks.

[QUOTE=jacob13;2695015]Is there a reason the company logo also burnt on my dvd when I used the trial software?[/QUOTE]
Trial is just that You try the software and then buy it if you like it, a watermark shouldn’t be a downside as you haven’t purchased the software, only tried it to see if you like the way it works. Many high end software developers do the exact same thing with free trial software packages.

Oh and welcome to the forums jacob13. :flower: