Trial PhotoDVD

I downloaded a trial version of PhotoDVD and burned a disc. I can play it on my computer, but not on my Sony DVD player. ALso, I cannot get the subtitles to be displayed. Anyone have any suggestions?

your dvd player probably doesnt support the format. What is the make?

It is a Sony DVD Home Theatre system

Hi there,

We need much more details to help.

  1. Provide us a full PhotoDVD Log.
  2. If it was burned with an other application, also provide us that burn log.

Not playing can be caused by lots of things, but here’s a few guess.

A) You made a PAL DVD and you need NTSC
B) You used real low quality media and/or you burned it too fast

As for the subtitles, you can get see the subtitles on your PC, then is must be something on your DVD Player.

You need to turn ON the subtitles on your DVD player, and select which subtitle track to view.

Good Luck !