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I downloaded a trial version down in August and I was not impressed with the software" I still had problems trying to copy the movie" So I let the trial version run out. My Step-Brother Purchased this newer version and he has had no problems burnnig some of the newer movies… I downloaded a new trial version a few days ago and installed it and it says " Trial version expired" Can anyone help me?

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Answer was given here:

Except, that answer won’t help him. If the trial is expired, the only option is to purchase it.

Statement is wrong what concerns the “answer won’t help him” part. Another issue what are the options of a user.

I was referring to what you told him here:

As far as I understood it, and perhaps I’m wrong, uninstalling and cleaning the registry will not reset the trial period, so, telling him to do that won’t help him. I suppose I could be mistaken.

I thought the trial period was automatically reset with a new version of AnyDVD. Maybe I am confusing this with some other software.

I don’t believe so, no. Again, I could be mistaken as I’ve owned it for quite a while now, but, I think once the trial period is up, you either buy it or uninstall it. If you reinstall the trial, the trial period is not reset.

You are correct. Otherwise, people would keep reinstalling a new trial version to keep from paying for it.
A person gets one trial that is it…I mean how many times does one need a trial version before determining wheather to buy it or not?


i do believe that some versions give you another free trial, but not all the versions

Yes, in the past I have seen the trial period reset, when new copy protection came along shortly after a new release…
I can say with the greatest sincerity that AnyDVD, especially combined with CloneDVD2 is a great investment if you want to back up DVD movies, and continue to do so.
Upgades are swift when new copy protection comes along, (often within hours), and this support forum is the greatest. (Particularly so, when you see posts here from SlySoft, giving help and posting bata links when needed.
If I saw someone using the program and getting the desired results, (your brother in law) , I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to buy the programs. Take a walk through a retail store and see if you can find anything that these programs are capable of. Won’t happen, and if you did find any, you’d keel over from sticker shock. (I’m still sick over purchacing my first go at it: ( DVD _ Copy.) I could have purchaced 3 nice burners for that amount of money, and they, unlike the program would still be functional.
One only has to spend an hour browsing the AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 forum, to realize that these programs are great.
That is my humble opinion, but I must admit it is biased, because of the great experience I’ve had using these programs. :clap:

I second that^^ Best software I have purchased for as little as it cost, never had a problem to date! Why try to go around it–just purchase and be happy! With everyone purchasing it keeps him in business and pumping out FREE–did I mention FREE updates what seems like forever, the one year FREE updates goes alot longer than one year guys!!!

Keep in mind that AnyDVD has free updates for the life time of the product!! CloneDVD2 from Elby and also sold by Slysoft give you 1 year of free updates - however, since CloneDVD2 was launched no-one has had to pay!!

Agree, I have them both and they work great together