TrendNet 802.11G wireless router



FutureShop is selling this wireless -g router 54MBps for C$ 14.99 after MIR. orig price is 87.99-28.00(instant rebate)=59.99-45(MIR)=14.99. Ive tried it and so far it is a very good router fro the price. model is TEW431BRP wireless AP Router. sale is up to June 2.

or you can get the Dlink bundle(the DI524 router and GWL122 USB wireless adaptor) for only 49.99. orig price is 149.99-70(instant rebate)=79.99-30(MIR)=49.99. i bought both trendnet and dlink bundle.not too bad for the price and i always get the rebates(from FS, eight so far).