Trend Micro Internet Suite 2006 vs 2007


I currently am running Trend Micro Internet Suite 2006 on both my computers below-

Trend Micro is offering a free upgrade to 2007 for the next couple of days-

I’m seeking imput from those that have used both and their feelings/recommendations-


Was hot…now NOT.
…at least from what the comparisons have had to say (I think).
Think that Kaspersky might be the better option and I believe one can get a one year free trial at the mo (which I´m gonna go for)

I’ve been using CA’s Security Suite (pick up free after rebates), and it has done a great job for me. Just waiting for it to go free after rebate locally, and use a 10 of 20 so I make $10.00 for the upgrade.

that sounds good :iagree:

A one year free trial?! Might have to investigate that.

Well…having said that, I now find myself surfing while riding a train, with [B]DEFENSES DOWN[/B].
My fancy AVG 7.5 trial has just run out, and I don´t have the Kaspersky exe loaded and ready to run [B]EEK and DOUBLE-EEK.[/B]
On battery power and slow GPRS so I ain´t going searching for Kaspersky right now (if bits and bytes could be delivered by pigeons I think it would be faster and more reliable!) :Z




Oh dear! Actually, I just went to the Kaspersky site, and there’s nothing but 30-day trial versions for their suites.

When you’re safely surfing again, I’d be interested to know where you heard/read about 1 year free trials. :slight_smile:

Maybe only available in Germany…got it on a disc from a mag…says you can get the free one year thing by registering on their site.
I´ll get back to you on that after several beers when I hit town (civilization that is)

EDIT: This may be the one …if you can read German :doh: but maybe the language options are are there…don´t know yet.

NOTE: It says Freeware…!!! :smiley:

LOL, when you click the download, the file has “de” on the end, so I’m guessing it’s all in German.

Give it a shot and let me know if additional language options are available in the proggy (it’ll keep you out of mischief, hehe) :wink:

Quick update from the office (cos I´ve just been called to the bar…for beer that is)

  1. Looks like this link is for the GERMAN version :Z
  2. Installing the Kaspersky suite will require one to uninstall Zone Alarm :eek:

Point 1 may be a bit too much for some users
Point 2 shouldn´t really make one nervous. ZA is great but KIS does its own wall etc

More after the beer :rolleyes:

Thanks for investigating, Dean :flower:

Yep, point 1 is a big pain (for me), but point 2 wouldn’t have been a problem since I don’t use ZA anyway. :slight_smile:

Enjoy the beer, you’ve earned it :smiley:

Without wishing to turn this into a free trial list, if anyone’s interested in a year’s free trial with CA eTrust Antivirus, the registration page is here:

Go for the upgrade big fella seeing as though you already paid for the earlier version, no harm in taking the latest version for free if they offer it to you

Here’s a link for the MSI installer package:

Yo SK-

Only ‘on topic’ post so far-

Thank you-

Knowing that things change from version to version - wanted to put it out there to see if anyone was using 2007 that had used 2006 - will wait another couple of days and see what pops up-eh!

We’ve had an enterprise license for Trend Micro Internet Security at our offices for the last couple years. Here’s what I think about IS 2007:

After you’re through disabling the “features” that are unneeded/redundant (personal firewall, wifi monitor, etc.), the versions are almost identical. There’s a new rootkit entry in the anti-spyware section that looks nice if it works, but the spam filtering is still mediocre. Slightly new UI, but it doesn’t seem to be too greedy with system resources. I don’t see any harm in taking TM up on their free upgrade offer.

Yo tropic-

Thanks for your imput-eh!

Sorry Mike…I let myself get distracted by the [B]free offer[/B] :rolleyes:
then it got complicated trying to find out if it was available elsewhere as an alternative to your Trend option (which it isn´t by the way) :sad:
Hope the Trend works out for you :flower:

Hi bigmike7
I have been using Trend Micro for a few years and no crap on my drive. Version 2007 has combined Anti Spy ware in it. And all gets updated at least once a week.


Thanks all for the imput - upgraded to 2007 - turned out to be an improvement and it has updated as many as 4 times in a day - way cool-eh!