Trend Micro Acquires Antispam Specialist Kelkea

As the latest acquisition in the evolving security Latest News about Security landscape, antivirus giant Trend Micro Latest News about Trend Micro has scooped up the former nonprofit company Maps, renamed Kelkea in the middle of 2004.

Sporting first-year revenues of US$1.6 million, Kelkea offers antispam services to large-scale ISPs, such as America Online. Latest News about America Online The company’s antispam technologies combine heuristics and real-time monitoring.

Fernando Rynne, Trend Micro’s global product marketing manager for Internet security, sees the acquisition going hand-in-hand with the company’s alliance with Postini – a vendor that provides technology to prevent spam at the e-mail gateway.

“Offering customers more capability is the objective, so adding another e-mail-related technology would be in line with this,” said Peter Kuper, equity analyst at Morgan Stanley.

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Not surprising, since they already update their anti-spam part of Internet Security 2005 often–and it’s one of the biggest updates each week. Obviously, they want to help keep their software toward the top.