TrekStor announces external SSD with the size of a USB stick

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German consumer electronics company TrekStor today announced the i.Gear SSD-Stick Prime which is an external SSD with the size of a USB stick and build around an M.2 SSD. The i.Gear SSD-Stick is available in capacities of 64, 128, 256 and 512 GB. TrekStor claims the device is fifteen times faster than conventional USB drives.

And the price cost 15x the standard USB stick right…

If you read the reviews of ultra-small USB-based SSD’s, the recurring theme is a problem with overheating. The thumb drive USB package design is not sufficient to dissipate the heat generated by these devices. They tend to slow down or even fail during extended use.

“External SSD with the size of a USB stick” certainly sound more exciting than “really, really fast thumbdrive”, doesn’t it?

True, although both types of devices exist as we know.
The fastest flash drives actually use SSD memory controllers; e.g. the Sandisk “Extreme” line.