Treble gain with recorded CDs?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone is noticing treble gain with their recorded CDs. I see this phenomenon more pronounced with my ASUS 52x as well as LITEON 40x burner where the burnt CDs have noticebaly higher than the original. With my now deceased(RIP) Yamaha 16x burners, this effect was way less. I only burn at 4x using Mitsubishi/Verbatim Super Azo, Fuji Pro or Moser Baer Pro CDR media.

You talking about a direct disc to disc copy?

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Brave Heart’s question was a good one, actually. If you were making a CD somehow from an analog source the problem would probably be in your soundcard’s hardware…

I’ve made many, many backups of CD’s in my collection and have never experienced this. Have you done a direct A-B comparison on a decent hifi system?

On digital direct copies, I have never noticed such a thing. Does it happen with all oyur discs or only one? Were they from mp3’s?

The reason I posted this question is question is because with Plextor’s Varirec feature, one can get different sound character by varying the laser power. Maybe with the ASUS drive, the strategy it adopts for writing to Misubishi discs leads to the sound gaining treble.