Treasure Planet

Hey guys

Something interesting. I have bakced up 200 movies without any probs, but now when I try to back up my Treasure Planet the final product plays oddly on my set top box. It seems like every 4-5 minutes the movie pauses for 2 seconds, screen goes black, and then it just keeps going again for another 4-5 minutes and then does the same thing!!!

What is going on? Anyone else with this same problem? Very odd, since this is the first movie doing this!


Vito -
I too had problems watching Treasure Planet.
I had been wanting to get a new dvd player for a couple of months, and after all of my problems with playing Treasure Planet, I took the plunge. Figured what the heck, it couldn’t hurt.
I replaced my 7+ year old Toshiba with a new Toshiba dvd player from Best Buy for 99.00. Treasure Planet plays perfectly. No problems, skips…I know this might be an expensive solution, but you might also want to take you dvd to a friends or electronics store and see if it duplicates the problems your experiencing at home.

Maybe you have a older player?
Well it worked for me, if you have a newer player I don’t know what else to tell you. Just thought I’d let you know how it turned out for me.


I figured the problem out.

When transcoding with d2one, there are 2 titles for the movie, one has 2 more chapters then the other, I had been selecting the title with most chapters! It turns out, the correct title is the one that has less chapters in the title, and then after transcoding and burning there are no more pauses!!!