Treasure Planet

Hello from Iraq!

Don’t know if any of you remember me or not, it’s been about 7 months since I posted last. That was just before I deployed. Things are going pretty good here and I’ve finally settled in to making movies for me to watch again :slight_smile:

I’ve updated to (LOVE the new look!). I’m still running the same old machine (Dell Inspiron 9300, 1G Mem, 2GHz Pentium M). Things are going really well except when burning Disney’s Treasure Planet. It converts to Mobile>Generic really well until a little half way through the movie then the audio sync falls off. I’ve tried several different settings and they all result the same way. The only thing that changes is when I tried converting using the sync fell WAY off by the end of the movie, whereas with, it only falls off a little and stays off only by a little. So far, everything else I’ve converted is coming off good.

I’ll let you know if I have more problems with other movies!

Fen, thanks again! This rocks!

Hi Swany6mm,
Great to hear from you and yes I remember you…and if I do, believe me, others do too…:bigsmile:

I’m no expert with DVD to Mobile conversions…that’s for sure. I’ve been converting to Ipod mpeg-4 since earlier this year and have had absolutely no problems.
First off, have you tried 1 pass conversion instead of 2 pass?
Could you please post your configuration settings or pm me with them.
I’ll make sure Ting gets this info and we’ll see what he’s able to come up with…:iagree:

God Bless you and your fellow service men and women and thanks for all that you do.
Stay safe and well.


Hi again Swany,

Forgot to mention, please update to:
DVDFab Platinum Beta

Thank you for the well wishes :slight_smile: It does do us a bit of good out here to hear that we are appriciated.

I only use 1 Pass unless I run into some other type of problem. I haven’t tried 2 Pass with this one as that has never helped in the past with any other movie that I ran into with this problem.

I use Generic w/ MP3, frame rate is same as source (though I have tried setting it to a given number with the same result). I run a set bit rate of anything from 850 to 900 depending on how big the output file will be. Volume is 110% at 128bit.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 9300 running Windows Vista Ultimate w/ latest patches, 1gig mem, nVidia graphics with 128 of it’s own memory.

Are there any other spacific config settings I need to post?

I’ll update and try the beta today :slight_smile: I’ll repost after I re-try Treasure Planet :).

I’ll let you know if I have more problems with other movies!


Hi Swany! Hope the above is the only kind of problem you run into.:slight_smile: Great to see you in the forum again.

Thanks Signals. So far, yeah, this is the biggest problem. A couple scares here and there, but so far so good. I am one of the lucky ones that is stationed some where that remains, for the most part, quiet :wink: I may be misserable out here without my wife and kids, but I count my blessings for the location lol.

Ok, updated to and still have the same problem. Audio starts off great, but about halfway through it falls out of sync.