Treasure Planet Backup?

Trying with DVD2One, man there are tons of files out there. I picked the one with 62 chapters I think. It skips chapters, like from 1 to 3. Anyone ran into this? Can you help a complete Newbie out?


have had the same thing as well-chapters skipping/jumping-
also on disney titles,102 dalmations and hercules using DVD2ONE.
so now when backing up a disney title i only use INSTANT COPY.
never had a problem when using IC7 although it takes longer.

Used DVD Decrypter and then the latest DVD2One 1.1.3 to do “Movie Only” mode…came out perfect. Now my son can watch his own copy in his room and not scuff up the original. He’s watched it twice thus far and has not complained.


I did Treasure Planet with DVD2ONE in full disk mode and plays everything. Looks great!

P.S. I used DVDDecrypter 3.1.6, DVD2ONE version 1.1.3 and played it on pioneer progressive scan dvd player on a mitsubishi 46" HDTV.

i did hear that dvddecrypter and the new version of dvd2one where having some issues. I dont know if this has yet been resloved.


ps. try to use smartripper just for the sake of testing and see if that helps.

I tried it first with Dvdshrink, plays okay but slight pause every 10 to 15 minutes. I read here where some have used dvdecrypter and dvd2one, so I tried that and same result in the same exact places. I tried with 2 different dvd types fuji and memorex same result. So I figured I would try dvdxcopy express, and believe it or not it worked fine, accept for the fact that the trail will only let you bunr about 15 minutes, but was enough to see that the pauses were not in it. I am not sure what the difference between dvdxcopy express and dvdshrink, dvd2one, but there is something. Still though for the cost I am holding off and still gonna use dvdshrink, I have burned over a dozen movies so far and treasure planet is the first I have had a problem with

I had olso probs with the Treasure Planet.

And i used dvddecrypter and dvd2one 1.1.3
When i make a movie only, i had the Problem that the dvd freezes in a standalone Pioneer dvdplayer after a few minutes

then i tryed the option fulldisk
It comes out to big to fit on a dvd-r Aghhh :a
then i have run dvd2one a second time over the to big files
Yes it’s fit on a dvd-r and works fine

But i don’t get the option movieonly get to work on this title
i have tryed it 3 times over no go :Z

maybe is there only a problem with the Pal version of this dvd
i had a Pal version


DVDxCopy Xpress v.2.0 seems to have no problem at all with Treasure Planet. Read original with a Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM and burned it in an NEC ND-1100a, F/W v. 1.A0 on one Verbatim DataLife Plus 2.4X DVD-R disc.

Feature movie plays as smooth as the original (less seldom-used special features like scene selection, alternate language, etc., in order to fit it on one 4.7GB disc) in Toshiba SD-1800, Panasonic RP-56 & Panasonic RK-31 DVD players. Also plays in both computers without out a single hitch, one with a Toshiba SD-M1612 drive and one with a Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD-ROM drive, both using Hollywood Plus MPEG decoder cards.

I have also done treasure planet with Xpress 2.01 but I have to say there is some aliasing around the characters(this tends to be a flaw of encoding algorithms of Xpress concerning animated movies)compared to the original but the overall quality is really good.