Tray will not close after buring dvd

I am using Nero 6 Ultra and I had it so when the dvd was done burning it was eject. Well after the dvd would eject I would take out the dvd and place anohter blank in so I could burn another dvd and the drive would not close. I had to click the eject button in Nero or go to Windows Explorer and right click on my Sony drive and click ejct then it would close. I did this with my dads Sony Dru-510A and also mine, and got the same thing. I change the settings so the dvd doesn’t eject and now it works, I don’t need to hit the eject button in Nero or in Windows Explorer. Does anyone know what the problem is, and if so how can i have Nero eject the dvd and let me close the drive?



I had the same problem. I wrote a mail to the nero support, but they said, they´ve never heard of this bug.

I don´t know what i´ve done, but the bug is away.

Probably installing the newest version of Nero will fix the problem.

I will try that. Like I said when I turned off the option for the try to open after the burn the problem went away :frowning: I like it when the tray opens.


The only time the tray should eject,and not retract is when a singular DVD is written,so I assume you guys are speaking of writing multiple discs where
the disc tray ejects and retracts…right??

I am talking about me making a dvd when the burn is done the try opens so you can take out the burnt dvd. It opens and then I put in a blank dvd for another burn which is different from the first and it will not close. I have to hit the eject button in Nero for the drive to close. Which is weird, I shouldn’t need to do that.

Excuse me for being dense,but you’re saying the tray won’t close even if you hit the eject button on the drive itself ?

Correct. As i wrote the drive ejects like normal but there must be a bug in Nero because the button on the drive won’t work, I have to either hit the eject button in Nero or in windows explorer and make the drive close. I have tried this with a few drives and the same thing happens. Now when I turn off auto eject after the burn the button works all the time.


I will look elsewhere for possible solutions to your problem,and write back if and when they are found,but it seems like something is in reverse from your description…Good Luck…:cool:



By that I mean when it’s supposed to close,it doesn’t ,and when it’s not ,it does…:confused:

I got the NERO update and now when I burn a dvd and it ejects after I can put a never black in and hit the close button on the drive and it will close, so it looks like this is now fixed.


Congrats,brother,these things can be very
frustrating,but I’m happy you got it fixed,
Happy Burning…:cool:

Actually, I have exactly the same problem, but this problem occured after updating to version!

I have a Sony DRU500A, so i think its related with Sony drives.
Any workarounds someone?