Tray stuck on Panasonic DMR E100H

Hi, can anyone help with the above? I’ve tried unplugging it and restarting it whilst holding the stop button but the display is still showing locked.
Any ideas gratefully received!

That provide link didn’t work and you didn’t provide any specs to be of much help. Besides what you post it’s good to post a model in your posting so other can lookup and know what model your talking about. Your product question provides no specs that would helpful to get more help???

Here is the online manual:

Near the bottom of the manual it says to hold the square stop button and [CH^] at the same time for about 5 seconds with the power off.

It may need servicing by a technician.

Thanks for your comments - I’ll try that and let you know if it works!

Thanks for your time here but I don’t have anything more specific than Panasonic DMRE100H to offer I’m afraid. I’ve tried the solution of stop button and channel up key now but to no avail…

Thanks for this hint but unfortunately it hasn’t worked either…would you have any other ideas?!

Have someone qualified open up the entire device…


(Warning: Device may not look or function exactly the same after applying crowbar)