Tray problem...very very funny

I have Sony DW-G120A, from last few days tray won’t eject, although the light blinks and it tries to come out but doesn’t. if I tap it on the head (around the middle) while its trying to open, it will open. After I close then again same problem in opening. I tried updating firmware, and reinstalling but still no use.

Now heres the funny part I thought may be there is some dust in the dvd, so I ejected the tray and blowed air in, it worked! but only for few minutes. Now everytime I eject it and blow it in it will start ejecting fine for only like 5 minutes or so. its not dust problem or else it would have fixed permanently up to now as I have blowed it many many times, and everytime I do it works for just 5 minutes.

How blowing fixes it temporarily is a mystrery to me, what can I do ?

If it is no longer in the guaranty period and you feel confident about it, have you considered the possibility - open the box and revise the tray mechanism - ?
I it works for 5 minutes every time you blow air inside maybe it is just a “slight” cause…

give a big BLOW that’ll do the job

I would definitely go with [I][B]agomes[/B][/I] suggestion. It looks like a mechanical problem.

Sounds like the belt is getting loose - assuming that model has one. Its a small drive belt that goes between the motor and a set of gears that drive the tray open, normally about 3 or 4cm long… and generally never the same as any other model of drive making it impossible to swap from a old faulty drive :slight_smile:

Blowing it is probably just cooling it sufficiently that it shrinks and works for a few mins until its gone lax again.

Have a question how old is the drive?

Hey sunny9616, I have to laugh cause I can just imagine you blowing in the cd drawer. Anythings worth a shot with this China assembled stuff. When you look at some of these things inside ya wonder how they can sell these so cheap. Hey take a straw and open the drawer-shut down pc, so ya don’t bump the drawer and have it close while getting deep inside the unit with straw. If you look underneath the open drawer [hopefully your unit is on a desktop] you will notice one side of the drawer has rack of teeth like straight steps or notches. Feel under with hand [usually on left side] and blow them off. Take a q-tip, dip in rubbing alcohol and clean these notches. A tiny bit of vaseline [not gobs] or dip a q tip in vegetable oil and lightly oil that rack. If you have dogs, cats, monkeys, ferrets or even your own long hair [found wifes hair in spaghetti the other nite] will get in. Every 6 months I pull the case on my computer to find a good layer of dust on all the boards. The fans suck it in. Remember, if all else fails push a paper clip in the tiny hole on the front panel and the drawer will open manually. Hope that helps.:iagree: