Tray opens at end of burn

Sorry if this has been discussed previously, but I have had little luck finding a solution.
Prior to installing when burning with Nero Burning Rom, the tray would remain closed untill I clicked OK on the burn completed successful notification.
Now it opens automatically at the end of the burn, which can be a problem if I am away from the computer. I have searched for a way to override this, but can’t seem to find the box to check or uncheck. :confused: Anyone no how to set this?
On a positive note, the burn process succesful sounds have now been enabled, where previously, I couldn’t get them to work. I suspect this may be the results of improvements in the licencing registration during upgrade. (no longer listed as trial version)
TIA :bow:

Look in the preferences > expert features tab.

Right on the money DrTeeth. I had been there and failed to see the option. :doh:
Thanks for the quick response, I appreciate you.

A pleasure to help!