Tray is not working on a Emprex 16x DVD burner, brand new

K, so I took it out of the box,
Placed it into my external usb enclosure
Turned it on,
Pressed the open button (just to give it a test out)
It opened,
Pressed the close button,
it went in about half an inch, and its stuck.
It’ll open about that much, and close about that much.
So, it seems as if the tray is out of wack in some way.
Worst part is, I accidently voided the warrenty by opening it to see what the problem was (I’m usually good at this kind of thing, but I am way lost now).
Any ideas how to fix it?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try taking it back to the shop and hope they dont notice the seal that is broken on the drive, thats my best bet to you. If you do get an exchange or replace the drive dont get a BTC/Emprex drive you will have nothing but problems, go for a reputable brand next time e.g. BenQ, LiteON, Samsung, LG, Pioneer, Plextor, Nec etc

you’ve broke the seal so i’d say you’d have to buy another one, don’t know why you broke the seal as it was still in warrenty, as the best thing to do was return it.
as said above, buy one of the more popular brands.