"Tray is locked"?

Please help on how to unlock the tray? There is a DVD in and I can ot eject it? :a


Unplug the unit, plug it back in and immediately start hitting the eject button.

Panasonic DVD-A360.

I’ve done the hitting of Eject (as you say) but again LOCKED on the FL display and THE TRAY IS LOCKED on the TV… :sad:

Try simultaeneously pressing the “POWER” button on the remote and the STOP button on the deck.

THANK YOU!!! :clap:

I gotta personally say thank you as well! A few days ago, my one-year-old managed to lock my SA-HT75 player – was able to unlock it by unplugging it and plugging it back in. However, I really liked that feature, which is nowhere in a manual! I called tech support, and they claimed not to know about it.

After finding your post, I fooled around with it, and realized that locked the tray only. Pressing “PLAY” on the deck and then “POWER” on the remote locks EVERYTHING, including disk skip. (Menu selections still work, which is good)

This is a great feature for someone with a one-year-old that likes to take DVD’s out all the time, or change disks on you. Thanks again!!


No worries,
There are a few hidden features on these units, but most are only accessible by 1 year olds with a sense of humour.

[QUOTE=LaserBurn;1706288]Try simultaeneously pressing the “POWER” button on the remote and the STOP button on the deck.[/QUOTE]

omg! This worked! Well, almost, I did the power and stop thing, as instructed, to no avail… BUT! Power and PLAY with the same main unit/remote system worked!
And guess who locked it???

My one year old! LOL

Some Panasonic products have a “Demo” mode that prevents the tray from opening. If the “Demo” mode gets activated the front panel might spell out “demo” or “lock.” The Operating Instructions will provide advice for returning the product to normal operation.