Tray Goes In-and-Out


I hadn’t used my DVD drive in a month, maybe more. Today when I tried to use it the tray with CD just goes in and comes immediately back out. I’ve tried 3 disks that used to work and all behave the same. What’s up?

Edited to add:
Now the empty tray goes in and comes right back out. I can’t keep it closed.
My drive is an Optiarc DVD RW AD-7200S


Most likely the belt is worn out. You should try to replace it.


Sounds like a sensor-problem or the button isn´t OK

Try this software for eject/close


Thanks for the reply and suggestion but . . .

I installed it and it closes the door but it comes right back open.


Where would I find the belt and instructions for installing it. I hate to lose this drive, it has been a good performer.


You will need to open the drive and will find the rubber belt that pushes the tray out.

You can probably find a similar belt in another defective drive, which should be easy to acquire.
Or even better, try to find a similar drive (which may be harder to find) and replace the belt with that one.


Thanks. And, I am looking into a modern drive that will do M-Disks but haven’t found a way to evaluate them in order to choose.


I´m not sure whether it´s the belt and I´m also not the biggest fan of the 7200, so a new drive would be the best solution.

Not many manufacturers left, so it isn´t that hard to find a drive :wink:

DVD-writers, my experience:

LiteOn x24F: Reliable, fast, quality-scans possible, not that noisy, burn quality OK
LG GH24NSD1, Asus DRW-24M5T: Fast, quality-scans possible, very noisy, not so reliable, very good writing quality


Sensor, rather than the belt, give it a blast of canned air into the sides.
You may be able to force it to close, by getting it to close, and when it comes back, block it, it will then reverse and might stop closed, and the behaviour might then reverse, such that it will then not stay open.


I should have come back and explained, it seems to have healed. It began working properly the day after my last message. I wanted to wait long enough to be confident it had healed before posting and forgot to come back.

Thanks for the advice but it seems to be working right now.