Tray color



My question is about the tray color of 5S and 6S series (retail and bulk).
My 1635S has a white tray.
Recently I have read that BenQ and Plextor have chosen for all their models the black tray because it minimizes jitters, and enhances readability and burning quality.
Plextor said that a black tray absorb as much as possible the light reflections that can cause distortion of the original signal.

@ Wind

Why, if this is true, LiteOn don’t use a black tray in all models? :slight_smile:


I don’t know if that’s true or not!


I’m sorry if you are angry for this my question.
I thought to say one thing that it could be useful. :rolleyes:


I forgot to add :slight_smile: .


Thanks! :slight_smile: :bow:


My 1635S02C (August 2005) has a black tray, mognegna. Get one from a broken Sony or Lite-On if you prefer this :slight_smile: . You can replace it without opening the drive’s housing.


For me black or white is the same thing. I would like change the tray if it could give me better burning results. :slight_smile:


My SHW160p6s (Jan. 2006) has a black tray.