Dvd Burner Lite on SOHW - 1633S
DVD Player Denver DVD 311
DVD Disc’s Traxdata DVD+R 8X

Would this play good discs? anybody have any of these products, and if u have, please could u post ur experience with them.

I.E, If you own the Denevr DVD 311 DVD player which DVD+R’s play good on them?

I use the Lite-On 1633s and my partner has the updated 1673s, both are very compatible with Traxdata dvd-r x8 blank discs, and I have burnt upwards of 350 discs using this media. Try the link below for compatibility guide for most burners with this disc.
Also read reviews on this disc at, for both the Dvd-r and Dvd+r
at cdr-zone click Reviews and then DVD Media Reviews, hope you find this helpfull.
P.S. I get my discs from or

Thanks for the links and help :smiley: