Traxdata starts shipping new 8.5GB double layer recordable DVD+R disc

I just posted the article Traxdata starts shipping new 8.5GB double layer recordable DVD+R disc.

Capelle a/d IJssel, 23 June 2004.
Conrexx Technology B.V., the European subsidiary of
the RITEK Corporation, has begun shipment of the Traxdata Double Layer DVD+R
media. This exciting…

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Current drivers write at x2.4 If you ask me, what a joke. You have to wait 40 mins to write the disc. Pathetic. You can write 2 regular DVDRs at x8 and it would be much faster and cheaper.

But how long does it take you to convert a DVD9 to DVD5? And how about the loss of quality if the original disc uses the full capacity?

11.99 euro is very expensive. You can get Mitsubishi and Verbatim here in Australia for 10 bux or a bit more than 7 US, which is still expensive but more reasonable than UK and Europe.

Very annoying to see that almost every user on the internet show the lack of vision by judge the DVD+R DL bad, because it is too expensive for movie warez usage. There are people and companies out there who just want to archive their datas to optical disc (DVD), for these people, the 8.5 GB DVD+R DL can be much better solution, even if it costs more than two pieces of SL disc. DVD is not only for movie warez.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the DL and always wanted it to get introduced. I know that in the beginning things will always be more expensive. All I was doing was making a price comparison between countries.

It was not against you, I was already typing my post while you did yours :slight_smile:

PPeter is right DVD’s are not only used for movie pirating, i use my DVD drive all the time for copying all my files onto. i curently own a 4x DVD +/- and use 4x SL media, if DL would be better for me, but i would like to see speeds reach 4x before considering purchasing. ps are there both + and - versions of DL as i only use - beacause i find + incompatible with most regular pc DVD drives? thanx

Well, prices are rediculous right now. if someone can explain to me why spending $10 on 1 dual layer disc is an advantage over buying roughly 20 single layer discs for the same price please let me know.

i sure as hell won’t be one of the early adoptors of the DL discs. i agree, with above poster about price. i’d rather buy 20 blank single layers vs. one DL disc.

At the current £ per gig ratio I’d rather buy a large hdd. In fact Verbatim DVD+R DL are going for £9.99 on some U.K sites. It may be all brand new but the pricing takes the piss.

Will the dual layers hold up, or are all those who are buying into this early and new technology (for a price) get stung when some rot appears or the glue holding layers together stops working, or when you cannot read even early files burnt nearer the center due to both layers being written at once? Maybe these discs and the brners used will be brilliant and last for ages - but no one knows if you are throwing money away on un-proved technology.