Traxdata HD-DVD-R for sale

Looks like HD-DVD-R media is there but where are the drives that can burn it ?

Looks like Ritek was early and decided not to waite for the drives.

Nice find, but it had to be Ritek :Z

BTW, I saw the thread title and thought you were someone selling something. :wink:

Aww. Ritek. :frowning:
Well, Ritek always was one of the pioneers, lowering prices and making crap widespread. :frowning:

Unless burners and media are introduced at the exact same time, there will always be an initial situation that looks a bit silly, with either no burners or no media available.

If it had been the burners that were available and not the media, someone would also complain. In fact this is what’s happening with 12 DVD-RAM in Europe and perhaps the US right now - the burners are there but no media.


Getting a little touchy about spammers, are you? :bigsmile:

Hehe that’s true Drage :iagree:

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If it weren’t for the fact that I clicked the thread, and knew dakhaas’ name, and you were online yourself, I would have been hovering over the Ban button :bigsmile: