Traxdata DVD+R DL burns fail!



I’m very pissed at this moment (mostly at myself), I have just produced 2 Double Layer coasters, thrown away 10 euro :’(
The media is Traxdata DVD+R DL, burner is 3500 and firmware is 2.18 LD V2 Beta2.

The first burn was with Nero and gave a write error after about 2% (didn’t write down the whole error msg).
The second burn was with DVD Decrypter with a write error at about 10%:

I/O Error!

Device: [1:1:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG 2.18 (I:) (ATA)

ScsiStatus: 0x02
Interpretation: Check Condition

CDB: 2A 00 00 06 3A 40 00 00 20 00
Interpretation: Write (10) - Sectors: 408128 - 408159

Sense Area: 70 00 03 00 00 00 00 0A 00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 00 00
Interpretation: Write Error

I’ve tried different burning programs to ensure that it’s the application’s fault. The problem must lie elsewhere.
I have burned several succesful copies (also Traxdata) before (with Nero and DD), but with a different firmware. IIRC this was Liggy’s 2.18 or the TDK 2.C8 (betting on this).

I still have 1 DL disc left, but am very reluctant to try it.
Do other people have problems with these Traxdata discs and specific firmware? Or does anyone know what’s the problem?


From the FAQ supplied with the documentation with this firmware.

Q: What about media not on the modified media list?
A: All media both SL and DL not listed in the modified media table use the default NEC STOCK write strategies and speeds. If you don’t get the results you expect with media not in the modified list, this is a limitation of the media or drive, not this firmware.

The burn strategies for ALL DL media is exactly how NEC supplied it with the 2.18 firmware.


I had a 3500a and I had the same failure with traxdata DVD+R DL, if they did burn the resultant vidio would not fast forward and played jerkly in the pc and my sony dvd recorder
however installing a NEC 3520 the disks burn fine and play correctly in both machines fast forward et al


So maybe I should buy this 3520 drive for better DL burns :slight_smile:


Or buy MKM DL media instead of crappy Ritek DL :slight_smile:


duno i am no expert in this but i was relating my findings

yes i know that ritek is not so hot but its cheap

which brand uses mkm media


BTW. I never burned a DL disc before :slight_smile:


Verbatim (same speed on answering questions, Quikee2)



BTW i was using the lastest firmware from this site in the 3500a maybe the drive was a bit off.


I used Traxdata DL (ritek) and RiDisc DL (also Ritek).
The Ridisc brand is crappy and none of them worked good. The Traxdata has problems around the layer-break but further on a good disc.
It’s a pitty that the verbatim DL brand must cost over 9 Euro overhere in dot NL


Does anyone have a positive experience with one of the various 2.18 firmwares?
I may try reverting to the 2.C8 version and test my last Traxdata disc. I also have 1 (just 1) Verbatim DL disc, but won’t try that one unless I’m absolutely sure it will work fine :confused:


I read every post of this thread and i would like to share the results of my latest DL burn. First of all i have a NEC ND-2500A drive flashed with MadDog 2.F8 firmware with official RITEK DL support. My latest burn was performed using a RiData DL disc which actually is a RITEK disc. I used the latest DVD-Decrypter to do this and i activated the auto-calculation of the optimal layer break. The process completed successfully at 2.4x. I did a speed scan using a SONY DDU-1621 which showed a little reading speed problems at the 2nd layer, and a second scan using my NEC ND-2500A which showed the same problems at the 2nd layer but more intense. I will post the screenshots later this week. However the speed never dropped below the minimum speed required for DVD-playback which is 1x. The movie i copied was I,ROBOT Disc I. The DL disc was bitsetted at DVD-ROM. The disc was tested using a DM-TECH DM-511 standalone player and a PIONEER DV-370S standalone both parts of my home cinema installation. Not even one defect!!! The movie and extra features were played back flawlessly without even a slight pause. The layer transition is not even noticeable. The same copy was done using a friend’s NEC ND-3500AG and RiData DL disc again. The NEC drive was flashed to 2.18 LD V2 Beta2 for the purposes of this post. We encountered an I/O error at about 9% of the proceedure again using DVD-Decrypter with the auto-calculation of optimal layer break activated. After these tests we flashed back the NEC ND-3500AG to the original NEC firmware. I have used so far Philips CD02 DL and Ritek D01 DL. The best of these two seems to be Philips (best read speed curve). I haven’t tested MKM001 so far because of its high price per disc. 14.99 euros/disc here in Greece. I will perform other tests too as soon as i find some free time. For those who will ask me about Kprobe scans, unfortunately i don’t have a LITE-ON drive but i will buy one to replace my SONY DDU-1621.


So I’m not the only one with RITEK DL burn problems with 2.18 (modded).
Since Liggy & Dee’s fw doesn’t alter the DL burning strategies, the stock NEC 2.18 must be faulty. I will try my old 2C8_SE_Ritek_4X_DL tomorrow again, that should work fine again.

I’m wondering what firmware I should use for my Verbatim DL disc (this is MKM001, right?)
Has anyone burned MKM001 okay with 2.18 (modded) firmware?


Verbatim DL discs (MKM) are the perfect DL media. These discs can be written without a single problem using almost any DL recorder. I did a test some weeks ago using a friend’s NEC ND-3500AG flashed to NEC 2.18 stock firmware. The modded firmware has the same write strategies as the original NEC one. The disc was recorded successfully and also played back successfully. And this time there were no problems at the read speed curve. Verbatim is the most compatible DL media available at this time. But it is very expensive. That’s why people try Ritek DL media because it’s cheap. It’s a pity it couldn’t be compatible. I hope Ritek develops a new version of its DL media in the near future. Current Ritek DL media is company’s first version which is somehow in an experimental phase. And unfortunately we pay for these experiments. KwarK, check out the Philips CD02 DL media if it is available where you live. It’s a better media than Ritek DL. If you do, post the results of your burns.


Hm… in the end Ritek DL are more expensive… If you have at least one coaster with them :wink:


Yup, it’s been pretty expensive, but I’ll consider it a learning experience.
I’m going to burn my last Ritek with 2.C8 and the Verbatim with 2.18…


I have made one burn on a Traxdata Ritek DL @ 2.4 speed using 2.18 stock fw, over a month ago. Verification with Nero showed a successful burn, but the movie did not play back without hickups in any standalone, especially the second layer.