Traxdata DL DVD+R £2.99 inc. VAT

Traxdata DL DVD+R now £2.99 inc VAT each

That’s a big reduction from last year though still too high for a Ritek DL.

Yes indeed, only another £2.50 to go though…!

Infiniti 8.5Gb Dual Layer DVD+R in Jewel case

£2.70 inc. VAT

This media is media code RITEKD01.

grrrrr. Still so expensive. When will they be less than £1? I know loads of people who have a DL writer but not used the DL capability because the media is so expensive.

It’s called a rip off…

It’s the same as the thing that’s going on with LCD TVs, they’re premium prices in the shops, yet the same technology is available as a computer screen without the tuner at less than half the price. The only reason prices are so high is that folks are mug enough to pay them. Most of the screens don’t even include a Freeview Digital tuner, which means your small quaint, and compact screen will require an external box when the government switches the analogue signal off in the future. Wake up people, and stop forking out on rubbish…prices have been fixed…and you’re all being taken for a ride!

Apologies for the off subject rant…

any idea if this is the supposed wonderful ‘PASTEL DVDRs’?

Verbatim 8x DVD+R in 25 pack spindle

Price: £9.40Including VAT at 17.5%

If these look like the ones, or has anyone brought these? they are meant to be yudent02s?