Traxdata cdrw 321240 plus



is traxdata cdrw-321240 plus a liteon ?


Can you give us the firmware version of the drive. And if you can, take a look on the label on top of the drive, if there is a 12 character serial (all numeric) it is a Lite-On.


the firmware is XSG4
the serial number is 230204004867


So whe can conclude that it is a Lite-On.
Jippie! :slight_smile:


Hi all !

I’ve just bought a traxdata 321240plus and I would know if I can put the VS02 firmware to it ?

THX for helping me and sorry for my bad english ! :slight_smile:


since it’s a liteon: just flash what you want. if the drive isn’t recognised by your BIOS any longer or doesn’t work properly, flash another firmware, till one is working!


ok I will try ! but which firmware do you advice me ?

And I dont know if my Traxdata is Zone-CLV, P-CAV or CAV ???

I’m sorry but I had a HP8100 4X for a long time and this is a new world for me !

So, could someone please give me a list of firmware to test ?

To make sure…to save my original firmware into a .bin file, I have to do :

MTKFLASH 4 R /B original.bin

Is that correct ?

Sorry, but I’m a bit afraid…

THX again !


ok, it worked !!!

But I have a problem…when I put a cd into my cd-writer, my cd-writer opens, closes, opens, closes etc…4 times before reading the CD !! ??? so it’s a bit boring…but I’ve tested it with nero 5.8.2 and it worked fine !

So, what should I do ? I think I will put back my old Traxdata firmware…cause it’s too boring…

Anybody have an idea ? an other liteon firmware to test ? I don’t think WS04 can fix my problem…


Oh…shit…I just flashed it back to my original firmware but now my cd-writer isn’t recognised by my bios…what can I do, please, HELP ME !!!