Traxdata cdrw 321040

I’ve got a Traxdata cdrw 321040 Plus, manufactured on April 2002. I’ve updated it to XSG6 and now in the POST appears XS0X LiteOn LTR 32123S and in System Properties it’s marked as cdrw 3240S, I think it’s the newer LiteOn firmware for this recorder.

With a Traxdata 24x silver CD-R, cloneCD and an image of Max Payne recording at MAX Speed it started burning at 4x, then at 12x, then at 26x, …then at 31x and finally at 47.50x.

The really anyoning thing it’s that the copy works perfectly…

Is there anyone that have the same recorder and this happened him?

Seeing this succesful burning I think there is a opportunity for upgrading it to 48x. Anybody know how?

Probably just CloneCD miss-reporting the speeds.

I don’t think it could be overclocked…