Traxdata but is it a liteon



I was just curious after a few days ago i bought from ebuyer a traxdata 48x12x48plus when i recieved it it had no traxdata packaging or manual just some primo plus bundled software after i installed it without problem under xp i went to the properties to check on the drive info,it didnt say who made it but had a code "cd-rw cdr5w48" well i know that many companies sell the same unit but with diffrent vendors names on it.after going to traxdata web site there is no info on the 48x12x48 just the 40x12x48 and i put in the code "cd-rw cdr5w48" into copernic and came up with with some info at this site(below), it says a unit with this code is a lite on after trying to find out some more info i couldnt find anything else about the new traxdata48x12x48 i was just wondering if anyone else could confirm this or add to it or even has the same cdrw..

Appreciate anyinfo



i am thinking of buying 1 my self so would be interested how you get on with it. ebuyer emailed me last week and said they were liteon drives,also read on this forum that they are liteons.when you have used it would like to know if you find it has mount rainier support.i am new to this forum but i bet oc freak will find out.colin


Yep after looking around a bit more they are liteons and yes it does have mount rainier support i checked in nero,i have used nero ,fireburner,and clone all without problems there was just cdrwin that didnt recognise the drive and it performed very well but need to test a bit more …