Traxdata announces 8x DVD-R DVD-RW 4x media



I just posted the article Traxdata announces 8x DVD-R DVD-RW 4x media.

Traxdata: Always one step ahead of competitionTraxdata has become the first brand in Europe to launch the much awaited DVD-R 8X and DVD-RW 4X media, providing users with faster and more…

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“Traxdata, the brand leader in optical storage media” - has anyone noticed how all manufacturers claim to be brand leader? How can they all lead? And who’s running last? Just thought I’d ask… :+


Mirror would be my guess? :stuck_out_tongue:
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they say “a brand leader” as opposed to 'the brand leader". I guess Ritek are the biggest because they are reliable and at a lower price than say the Verbatim’s and TDK’s.


First? You can buy Datasafe 8x DVD-R from SVP in the UK for a week or two now.