Traxdata announces 8 speed DVD+R double layer

I just posted the article Traxdata announces 8 speed DVD+R double layer.

has announced the launch of the ground-breaking Traxdata DVD+R Double Layer (DL)
8X media. The world’s fastest DL media enables the recording of 8.5GB of
data or video in…

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8x +r dl has been out for ages hasnt it, all we are waiting for is 8x -r dl and CHEAPER PRICES!

“the Traxdata DVD+R DL 8X media, which is manufactured by RITEK” Ahem, I didn’t expect anything else…

the verbatim 8x +r dl have been out for months in the uk, just they are about £4 each. you can get 2.4x for £2 now in uk, that is still too expensive and slow, we want 8x for £1.

we want 8x for £1. of course we do lol hold your breath and hope you dont go deep blue

Reply from Traxdata: @Hajj: +R DL 8X has been launched around 1-2 months ago by others, but we launch it after receiving the certification from Philips first. But why does your preference goes to 8X -R DL? -R DL can not have its booktype changed to DVDRom so there are issues with playing it on some DVD Players, so therefore +R DL is still much more popular. The DVD+RW Allience even says compatibility of the Dual Layer is only 10 % compared with the 94% of Double Layer. Of course they are promoting themselves strongly. ( Secondly, prices are high because of the production process. Producing DL media comprehenses a much more delicate process compared with SL media. Why do you think that only 3 of the main manufacturers in the world are able to produce it? However, since the introduction the yield rate has increased a lot and therefore prices have dropped dramatically already. Traxdata was the first to lower the prices (UK online shops offer it for £1,69) and we hope that in the near future we optimize production to offer it for even lower prices so that DL burning becomes available for a broad audience. ( @Chef: :slight_smile: Traxdata is RITEK’s own brand so indeed you won’t find any other MID’s than RITEK’s on Traxdata branded products @ CORRSA: Don’t expect to have such low prices for (8X) DL media on a short term. As said before, production of DL media is much costlier than producing SL media. However, not only is Traxdata on the forefront of introducing new types of optical media, we also try to offer the best value for money and continue to drop prices for DL if possible. Traxdata Support

You can pickup 2.4x media for £1.49 + Carriage at, when they’ve got any that is. At these prices they sell out quickly, since most places are £2.00 + carriage on these discs.

OK, it’s time to TEST them out.