Traxdata 8x on lg4040b work well?

Has anyone tried the Traxdata 8x discs on a Lg4040b and can comment on how they work?

Are they RITTEKG05?

Well, it doesn’t say what Ritek Dye it is on the site I’m ordering from, but I looked at the media list on and they only list one DVD-R 8x Traxdata and it is RitekG05. There is also one Traxdata 8x DVD+R and it is listed as RitekR03.

So I guess that these DVD-R discs I’m thinking of buying must be G05 or could I be wrong?

That’s very likely. Traxdata is virtually Ritek Europe. Ritek’s own DVD+R 8x is RITEKR03 and Ritek’s own DVD-R 8x is RITEKG05.

I’ve read that they only burn at 2x on LG4040b but I don’t know with what firmware. Can someone confirm that they only burn at 2x with the latest firmware?