Traxdata 8x Fullface Printables

Is it just me or are these just the dogs whatsits :bow:

Got to agree with you mate, they are the business.

nice to see the conrexx marketing team doing a good job :slight_smile:

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Some results with traxdata 8x fullface DVD-R RitekG05

1st: Lite-On SOHW-1673S
2nd: BenQ DW1625A
3rd: Plextor PX-712A
4th: Pioneer DVR-109D

8x writing speed

And one with LG GSA-5163D.

Crappiest Traxdata branded RitekG05 discs I’ve ever had. Regular non-printable traxdata discs works excellent in all these writers without any problems.

Looking at the results that OCFREAK has posted, I can confirm from my experience that this is typical of G05 and RITEK quality at the moment. Initially, I was led to believe that Ritek G05, especially Traxdata was the absolute best quality G05 available from RITEK. I think the results show that even the best quality RITEK stock can’t be trusted.

I had been a long time fan of RITEK and I must say their G04 and RICOH +R discs have been some of the most reliable discs that I have ever used. Now that RITEK +R has changed code and G04 is no longer manufactured, I have been getting more consistent results from MCC code +R and -R from CMC than from the RITEK G05 dye.

In the UK, we have sellers/distributors such as RAMBOX, DVD AND MEDIA.COM / All4mats, DVD Technology that buys their RITEK from CONREXX BV. These companies distribute Traxdata, Arita and RIdata and have also recently flooded the market with bulk cheap “Grade A” Ritek printable.

These Bulk, shrinkwrapped discs are everywhere and they can be as cheap as 14p per disc at the fairs. Quality is variable and I have been told by friends that even these cheap RITEK discs although burn fine, vary in their playback quality and a vast majority of these discs are just junk. Why do they retail at 14p if the price of quality A Grade RITEK of the above “Traxdata quality” is at 17p? Well, it because they are of a lesser grade, but hey, at this price, what do you expect from these cheaper RITEK’s.

Now, my questions is, if supposedly Grade A Ritek stock such as TRAXDATA from Conrexx can show these bad results, how can we trust any RITEK disc, from anyone labelled as Grade A from RITEK?

From now on, I think I will stick to CMC/MCC, they seem to be the only dye/manufacturer that work for me at the moment. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned what brands I am using at the moment, but I’m sure you can guess. This post is not meant to start a flame war between ENET / CONREXX camp, but just my personal opinion of RITEK quality. Even though both camps continue to sell RITEK, I for one am not interested.


PS. OCFREAK : Love reading your reviews, keep up the good work! You know what you’re talking about!!

You cant stick to prodisc Or cmc for a cheap / mid range disc and Verb and TY for a hi end disc.

I’ll take this anyday of the week over any other budget media about.

Also i might add i bought some verbatim 8x photo printables the other day MCC code and they have been returned to the supplier due to dye imperfections on 10 out of a 50 spindle.

Also sent 2 off to Verbatim europe yesterday to see what they have to say should be interesting.

They had how can i explain this when you get a ramp up in speed the burn colour changes well this was already evident before burning from the start of the burn area to an inch into the disc, when burnt i tried to read them back not a chance full of read errors.

So much for verbatims

You sure they were genuine? I have never heard of dye imperfections on verbs.

Steve from svp Said they were when i rang him about them yesterday, we shall see what Verbatim europe say if/when they reply.

well it proves a point you even verbatim supply crap. Thats why out of 100 customers 99 buy Datawrite and 1 buys verbatim.

personally i think these are the way forward

I dont know why but the said discs i bought have now been removed off there site :confused:

Prolly me being paranoid and they just sold out :eek:

Please share if they respond. Probably 1 % defect with their products as compare with > 50 % with E-Net and 40% with Conrexx :wink:

OTOH, you have a lifetime guarantee from Verbatim on this media as I read somewhere ?

Slowly people start to learn that CMC is not the same crap producer as in the old cd-r age. Why do you think that they got so many OEM deals. Specially for 16x media.

Really if you want to use something for quick storrage CMC made stuff really a ok option.
For archiveing I would personally go for TY or good MCC. (which can be made by cmc.)

Most of my media is CMC or TY and the failure number of these 2 together are lower as the actual number of failed ritek disc’s (mostly traxdata branded. ).

I agree, most of the oem business has switched over from Ritek to CMC making CMC the biggest producer of optical discs in the world. I have seen HP brand media being offered in the market this is all CMC produced.

The reason why cmc quality was so varible in the cd-r days was a lot of the cd-r was not produced in taiwan to avoid anti dumping duty. cmc set up factories in ireland, uk (newcastle) China and mexico. the quality was not as good as the taiwan factories.

There is no anti dumping on dvd-r / +r so all the goods come from taiwan.If you look at the quality of cmc dvd-r it is very good and you dont get the batch issues associated with Ritek.