Traxdata 8x DVD+RW (Ritek 0008)

I just bought a spindle of 25 of these disks, and what a piece of shit they are. I have burnt 5 thus far, and 3 out of 5 shouwed some kind of “scratches” in the dye, resulting in write errors in 1 discs and read errors in the others. Also, after burning, the dye looks inconsistent with spot-like marks. And last but not least, the discs scratch really esilyalso resulting in read errors.

I can’t recommend this media to anyone, and I regret ever buying them.

My scans can be found here

Anyone else have similar results?

Your scan looks fine. :confused:

I have 10 of the Ridata Ritek008 from Rima. They work fine. Keep in mind that all RW discs should be approached with caution and used only for short term stuff, non-critical. I have one that’s been burned and full-erased about 20 times, it’s doing just fine.

Yes, the scan I’ve posted is of one of the discs that wasn’t damaged. I only use my RW discs for wathcing movies, not for permanent storage. Oddly enough, I never encountered problems with my 4x +RW media (Traxdata, Memorex, Fuji) but all of them were either Ricoh or Philips MID. It’s just that these 8x +RW Traxdata’s are giving me problems (I’ve thrown away 2 discs allready b/c they can’t be burnt on due to write errors).

I bought a 25-pack of these about a month ago. They work great for me on my BenQ 1640 with BSMB firmware. The ones I scanned scored in the mid to upper 90’s (didn’t save the scans). I’ve used about 8 of them so far; some re-written 2-3 times. I’m very happy with them.