Traxdata 401248 firmware?

Hi guys,

a friend of mine just bought a really cheap Traxdata 401248 which is a LiteOn 4012x OEM …
I was unable to find any firmware for this drive - is it safe to flash any of the LiteOn 40125S or 40125W firmwares?
I suppose mtkflash must be used to do so?

You must probably use mtkflash yes.

If you do it right it’s pretty safe, but since you convert it to a Lite-On you voids the warranty.

You might also want to backup the current firmware in case you want to use it later.

Thanks for the advice but is there really no place on the web where Traxdata lets their users download newer firmwares!?
This would be a rediculous bad service!

Traxdata doesn’t give much support to their customers, they mostly just sell as much as they can.
They do have a redicilous bad service!

If I’m right Traxdata went bankruptcy, and was bought by Ritek and now owned by Ritek, the worlds largest manufacturer of CD-R discs.

It was after Ritek bought them that their drives started coming from Lite-On (Was philips and Sanyo before if I’m right), so the change to ritek did at least give you better drives :stuck_out_tongue:

At least I found on the french Traxdata page firmware ZSG7 for the 401248plus (Smart-Burn) which enables P-CAV write mode …

The Traxdata 401248plus firmware ZSG7 seems to be LiteOn 40125S ZS0K - only 64 bytes differences (ZS0G & ZS0J contain thousands of different bytes!) …
Traxdata released ZSG7 on June, 14th - LiteOn released ZS0K on June, 27th … OEM first!?