Traxdata 321240 to Liteon 40125S but to 48125W?

Hi !

I’ve succeeded in oc my Traxdata 321240plus to the Liteon 40125S firmware, but now, can I oc it to Liteon 48125W ? with the VS08 firmware ?

THX a lot again

Sure you can :wink:

Originally posted by BoSkin
Sure you can :wink:

arf…it updated well, but when I put a CD in it, the drawer of Cd did not stop returning, leaving, returning…so, I put XSU1 firmware back…I was very very afraid…but it’s ok, now I will be satisfied with my 40X cdwriter…

Firmware XSU1 is a nonstandard Liteon 40125S firmware that works only with series “3” chipsets.

Drives using this firmware and chipset can’t be overclocked to a 48x burner.

Ok, THx