Traxdata 201040 can write Faster?

Hi all,
Is it possible to make this donkey run faster than this poor 20x ?
An other question, it writes at 16x even with a 40x compliant CD from Sony. Any idea to solve it ? I’m running with Nero, latest version.
Thks !!

i think your max writing speed is 20x and max re-write speed is 10x (from the model number you gave there), or i could be wrong. i am not sure if you can overclock this drive. maybe someone that has overclocked there traxdata 201040 could shed some light on this?

i have a yamaha 3200e and i get 16x outta some 32x or 40x cd-r media. its weird. could be a compatibility thing. i hope someone has something to say about this…


U’re right, the speed is in the name. I hope there is a FW that turn it into a beast :wink:
The CDR compatibility is strange…an answer is needed.