Traxdata 121032plus



Is it a plextor PX-W1210A or a lite-on 12101B ?
which tool should I use to upgrade it ?


From the model number you gave, it is unllikely to be a Plextor. The back ends are just too different. You do have jumper pins near the power connector, don’t you?


I think it was suppose to be a sanyo or a lite-on


so it is the 12101B ?


If it is not a Plextor (Sanyos use similar parts) logically we could assume it to be a LiteON…

Your best bet would be to ask Lite-ON 12101B owners for help identifying it - the vagueness of your subject title sure doesn’t help!

How about “Is my Traxdata 121032 Plus a Plextor PX-W1210A or a Lite-ON 12101B?” :cool: