TravelPilot DX map for lebanon



where i can find lebanon " Middel east" maps for my 2002 mercedes c-class.
i have a cd for the GCC but it does’nt cover lebanon data.


Usually you can purchase such maps/media at your local car dealer.


actually they don’t have data for Lebanon.
i have the data in img format for Garmin device, is there anyway to convert it to .map file “Navteq format”?

Thanks in advance


Nope. If your dealer does not have it you are out of luck. Not even Navteq has it.
Are you sure you tried several mercedes dealers?
Is it a built in naviagion system?


we have only one dealer and they don’t have the updated data.
it’s a built in navigation system.
for this reason, i’m trying to create mine by converting from Garmin img to .map file.
if you have any idea please advice.

Thanks for your help.