Travelmate 4064WLMi dvd drive broken

I’ve got a Travelmate 4064WLMi which comes with a Matsushita UJ-840D dvdrw drive. The drive works, however when pushing it closed, it will not lock in place. Could this indicate a broken bezel? I’m not sure why it does not close anymore, but would like to fix this. If it is not the bezels fault, what alternative drives could I purchase. I’ve searched everywhere but found nothing conclusive. I know my drive is a slave in my laptop so what other drives can I purchase that are slaves? Are all UJ-840s slaves? Does the brand matter? Looking on ebay has dozens of UJ-840 models which I’m not even sure are compatible with my laptop. If anyone could clarify anything I would be extremely greatful!!!

EDIT: On the drive itself it has HW:1.01 FW:100 if that is any help either? I keep hearing that master/slaves are determined by the firmware. How do I determine I’m purchasing a slave by firmware?



so no one can shed any sort of light on the matter of optical drives for laptops?